Overwhelmed by the wave

Emportés par la vague

The wave of denunciations of sexual harassment and assault that has shaken the web in quebec has won three important figures of the artistic community in less than 24 hours : the facilitator By Morin, the lead singer Bernard Adamus and Eli Bissonnette, the boss of a record company the most recognized in Quebec.

In turn, they announced that they were putting their career on pause after having been accused on the social networks of sexual misconduct, assault, racism, and, in the case of the president of the label Dare To Care, to have an atmosphere of unhealthy work.

Two years after #MeToo, they are part of the most public figures for a long list of alleged assailants whose alleged abuses have been revealed, and for more than a week, within a movement of denunciations that has taken on an unparalleled scale on the social networks, in Quebec.

Emportés par la vague

Safia Nolin

The pointing of the finger by the singer Safia Nolin in a series of posts on Instagram which had the effect of a bomb, Tuesday evening, By Morin has put his career on holdyesterday.

The day before, the moderator had presented a public apology to Safia Nolin, who argued that By Morin harassed her, nipped her thigh, and held on to racist in a bar in Montreal, in may 2018.

Although the storm is far from over, all is not lost, for By Morin. The star could possibly bounce because of the star system nearby, which exists in Quebec, according to the strategist in communication and specialist of the image, Jean Gosselin.

“Quebecers forgive quite easily some of the gaps of conduct. The term of purgatory may be longer depending on the nature of the offense, but as a rule, the public is willing to forgive their stars. Because it sees them as human beings. And humans make mistakes. “

Adamus admits

The singer Bernard Adamus has been the target of allegations of ill-treatment and physical and sexual, against young women.

On Wednesday night, it was the turn of singer Bernard Adamus fall. He was dropped by his record label, Dare To Care, after having been the target of disturbing allegations of ill-treatment and physical and sexual, against young women on the page in Instagram Devotees.Voices.Montreal.

The artist of 42 years has done his mea culpa on the social networks yesterday.

“Sex and alcohol are too often poorly mixed in my very turbulent life for the past ten years in the music industry here,” says Adamus, who has claimed to have stopped drinking.

The boss was aware

The boss of the record label Dare To Care, Eli Bissonnette, announced his departure yesterday after having been intimately related to the case Adamus.

Closely related to the case Adamus and accused of having turned a blind eye to the wrongdoing, the president of Dare To Care has subsequently announced his departure.

In a message published on his page Facebook, Eli Bissonnette acknowledges that he would have to end earlier to his business association with Bernard Adamus, he was aware of rumors about the singer and that his own actions, remarks, relations as a figure of authority ” were not necessarily peer-to-peer “.

— With the collaboration of Marc-André Lemieux

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