Ozzy Osbourne has admitted that recovering from Parkinson’s: “Six months of a miserable existence”

Оззи Осборн признался, что лечится от болезни Паркинсона: "Шесть месяцев жалкого существования"

Ozzy Osbourne

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Recently 71-year-old British rock musician Ozzy Osbourne has admitted that recovering from Parkinson’s disease. He told about it on the show Good Morning America.

According to Rockstar, the disease manifested in 2019, when he had to have surgery because of the fall. Osborne then began to experience episodes of pain, which turned out to be neuralgia.

“For us it was very difficult. I had to have neck surgery, which ruined my nerves. I learned that I have a mild form…” – Ozzy hesitated, and then his wife finished the sentence.

Оззи Осборн признался, что лечится от болезни Паркинсона: "Шесть месяцев жалкого существования"

Ozzy Osbourne with his wife Sharon

“This is a secondary parkinsonism. It is a form of Parkinson’s disease. There are so many different types of Parkinson’s disease,” said Sharon, and added that it was “not a death sentence”.

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“A year ago I was in a terrible state. I have numbness in the hand, my feet are freezing. I don’t know, Parkinson’s or the like. This is a problem,” explained the musician.

Doctors in the US were powerless, so in April 2020 wife will visit Switzerland, where he works as a Professor specializing in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

“The pain is constant. The first six months I was in agony. I said, “Sharon, you’re not telling me the truth. I’m dying, aren’t you?” I thought I got sick with some deadly disease because the improvement was so slow. I recovered, but after surgery the nurses asked me to rate on a scale of one to ten, how much pain I feel. And I said 55! Six months of waking up and inability to move – a miserable existence”, – said Osborne.

In addition, after the fall of the house in April 2019 Ozzy Osbourne was forced to cancel a world tour, and still regrets it.

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The portal also Znayu wrote that Ozzy Osbourne has put a terrible diagnosis.


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