P. A. Méthot, Mélissa Bédard and Arthur the Adventurer for Canada day virtual of Quebec

P.A. Méthot, Mélissa Bédard et Arthur l’Aventurier pour la fête du Canada virtuelle de Québec

Forget the plains of Abraham and the Château Frontenac: the people of Quebec who want to celebrate Canada day on the 1st of July, have an appointment on the web.

The humorist P. A. Méthot, the children’s entertainer Arthur the Adventurer and the singer Mélissa Bédard will be the headliners of this celebration virtual accessible via the page feteducanadaquebec.ca.

The stars of the show, hosted by Tammy Verge, are from the city of Quebec, which will give the local touch to the celebrations, in a context where many cities in the country will turn to the web to celebrate the Canada.

Among the other guests, who are not necessarily from the capital, we note the names of Atchoum, Passe-Montagne, Ari Cui Cui, and Caillou to the family component, submitted as of 11 am.

In the evening, Philippe Bond, Florence K, Laurence Nerbonne and Jonas Tomalty will join P. A. Méthot, Mélissa Bédard and the magician Nicolas Gignac.

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