Pablo Puyol (Pedro in One, dos, tres) : what becomes of the actor, 15 years after the end of the series ?

Pablo Puyol (Pedro dans Un, dos, tres) : que devient l'acteur, 15 ans après la fin de la série ?

Pablo Puyol : that becomes the interpreter of Deo in A, dos, tres ?

Already 15 years as An, dos, tres came to an end on Spanish television. Cult series from the early 2000s, it has revealed several players to the ground more or less in anonymity after the end of the show. Among them ? Beatriz Luengo (Lola), Monica Cruz (Silvia), Miguel Angel Munoz (Roberto) or Pablo Puyol. But that becomes the interpreter of Pedro Salvador ? PRBK gives you its new !

How to forget A, dos, tres ? During six seasons, the students of the Academy of Carmen Arranz punctuated our days at the broadcast on M6. Among the students that are emblematic of this school specializes in the performing arts, were to be found, in particular Pedro, played by Pablo Puyol, who fell in love of Lola.

What happened to Pablo Puyol ?

After the end of One, dos, tres, whose original title is A paso adelante in Spanish, Pablo Puyol is to forget a little. He, however, has had several small roles on television in Spain before making his return in 2012 in a recurring role in the last seasons of the series Arrayan who told of the daily life of customers and employees of a luxury hotel. In 2014, he was cast in another series, Ciega e citas.

In addition to television, it is on the boards, as Pablo Puyol has occurred on several occasions. Mixing his love of singing, dance and comedy, the actor has participated in many musicals. Since last year, it occurs in A Chorus Line, produced by Antonio Banderas, and travel through Spain. He was also the same recroisé Miguel Angel Munoz aka Roberto in A, dos, tres, behind-the-scenes of one of the performances.

Pablo Puyol (Pedro dans Un, dos, tres) : que devient l'acteur, 15 ans après la fin de la série ?

Pablo Puyol and Antonio Banderas

A physical always at the top

One thing is for sure, at 44 years of age, Pablo Puyol is still at the top physically and proves very regularly on his account Instagram. And next to the heart ? The actor would be in a relationship with the journalist Irene Junquera. If they have not confirmed their relationship, they were photographed by paparazzi during their vacation to Ibiza in September 2019.

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