“Pack of lies”: Taisiya Povaliy spoke about the scandal concert in Kiev

Ukrainian singer intends to sue

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"Сплошная ложь": Таисия Повалий высказалась о скандале вокруг концерта в Киеве

Taisiya Povaliy

After a sharp statement by the Director of the Palace “Ukraine” the Novel Nedzelsky that no agreement regarding the forthcoming solo concert with Taisiya Povaliy managers no, the emotional singer stood up for myself.

Laima Vaikule told about his first concert in Odessa. All the details in the video:

The controversial singer posted an angry post on his page on Instagram, noting that she went to speak to the Crimea and did not violate any law of Ukraine. To all, who expressed extreme bewilderment, why she cannot act on the territory of their country, being the people’s artist of Ukraine.

"Сплошная ложь": Таисия Повалий высказалась о скандале вокруг концерта в Киеве

“Zadolbali a lie around my person! Answer again! In the Crimea was not! Crimeans on the Day of Russia congratulated! Think, I wouldn’t be let in Ukraine, where I live all five years! On tour “flee” and leave! No law I’ve broken! And I don’t understand why I, a citizen of Ukraine, people’s artist of Ukraine, can not sing at home? I do not want to waste precious time in courts, but have,” wrote Povaliy.

Note that Povaliy since 2014 actively acts in Russia, including the Kremlin, therefore, announced the concert on 10 December 2019 took many by surprise.

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