Packers: Aaron Rodgers feels stronger than ever

Packers: Aaron Rodgers feels stronger than ever

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers doesn’t seem to want to slow down despite his aging age and other teams will have to fear him and the Wisconsin roster in the NFL playoffs.

Even though he turned 37 at the start of December, the Pivot had one of his best seasons of his career, dominating all other players in his position in terms of percentage of passes completed (70, 8%) and the number of discounts for a major (48), at the same time establishing personal bests.

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Rodgers’ good health has also allowed him to reach all of these plateaus. The athlete from California will be able to thank his attacking line, which has protected him from the opposing defenses. Rodgers has suffered 20 quarterback sacks this season. Only Philip Rivers of the Indianapolis Colts was knocked down behind the line of scrimmage with fewer chances (17).

“I can’t remember the last time I felt this good after the regular season,” Rodgers said, echoed by NBC Sports on Thursday. It’s very positive, especially at 37. This is in large part due to the low number of quarterback sacks I suffered. Obviously, I worked hard in the weight room last offseason, which helped a lot too. ”

The favorite to win the Tour’s MVP trophy Goodell has been able to avoid injury this season. The quarterback did not miss a practice, in addition to being on the field for 98% of the plays on the attack of his team.

“I don’t think I’ve ever felt so strong, so little rusted, and suffered so little ailment,” Rodgers said. We all suffer from small problems during the season, but being able to participate in each practice, without being limited was a beneficial change. ”

Having finished first in the National Association, the Packers (13-3) will enjoy a week off in the NFL’s first playoff round.

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