PACTE program: Minister Fitzgibbon refuses to talk about the $ 10.2 million loan to LMPG

PACTE program: Minister Fitzgibbon refuses to talk about the $ 10.2 million loan & agrave; LMPG

and Vincent Larin MISE & Agrave; DAY

The Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, refuses to say whether the loan granted to LMPG – formerly Lumenpulse – within the framework of the Temporary Concerted Action Program for Enterprises (PACTE) required or not his approval. As for the guide with the eligibility criteria, it seems increasingly thin.

“& Nbsp; I will not answer, because you are going to take me to another area”, replied the minister, questioned by journalists on the role he could have played during the payment of the financial assistance of 10 , $ 2 million & nbsp; to LMPG. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

This company counts among its directors Michel Ringuet, who is also the agent of the blind trust of Mr. Fitzgibbon. & Nbsp;

The latter also sat on the board of this company whose majority shareholder is Power Energy Corporation (Power Corporation), just like Josée Perreault, the spouse of Minister of Health Christian Dubé. & nbsp;

28 files

Last week, the Auditor General (VG), Guylaine Leclerc, revealed that thanks to his discretionary power the Minister of the Economy had authorized for $ 68 million in loans to at least 10 companies that did not meet the eligibility criteria of the PACTE. & nbsp;

Today, Mr. Fitzgibbon pointed out that 28 cases had to go through his ministry to get the green light for loans. In recent days, it has not been possible to get hold of the guide dictating the criteria of the PACTE. & Nbsp;

According to the Minister of the Economy, for each request, officials at Investissement Québec (IQ) had to check first if the company did indeed have activities in Quebec, if it was in a precarious situation due to the pandemic and if it had a prospect of profitability. & Nbsp;

For the other criteria, Mr. Fitzgibbon said it was “judgmental” of each manager at IQ who handled the files. & nbsp;

“To think that we could have had some framework or everything would have been wall to wall, it is impossible, has- he indicates. The guide, there are no selection criteria. Selection is the judgment of individuals. & Nbsp; “& nbsp;

The latter does not remember whether companies on the VG list contacted him directly to discuss a possible financial assistance. & nbsp;

“There have been a lot of people I have spoken to. In all cases, they were referred to Investissement Québec & nbsp; “, he assured. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Québec solidaire filed a motion at the Salon bleu today to demand that the internal guide is made public. Meanwhile, the Liberal Party of Quebec deplored the “recidivism” and the Parti Québécois the “elastic & nbsp;” approach of the Minister of the Economy on ethics. & nbsp;

The CAQ blocked this motion.

– & nbsp; With the collaboration of Philippe Langlois and Patrick Bellerose

What they said & nbsp;

“& nbsp; There have been a lot of people I have spoken to. In all case, they were referred to Investment Quebec. & Nbsp; “

– & nbsp; The Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon

“& nbsp; Clearly, < strong> Minister Fitzgibbon returns to his maids old habits CEO who manages < em> state money like his little one personal checkout. & nbsp; “

– & nbsp; Ruba Ghazal, responsible for Quebec solidaire in matters of economy

“& nbsp; He is afraid of what? […] I have even doubts that the guide was created because VG has started studying loans. & nbsp; “

– & nbsp; Monsef Derraji, official opposition critic for the economy

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