Pakistan: 100, 000 cases of coronavirus, the hospitals are running out of space

Pakistan: 100 000 cas de coronavirus, les hôpitaux commencent à manquer de place

Islamabad | Pakistan has exceeded officially the milestone of 100 000 patients for the new coronavirus, authorities said Monday, a figure well short of the reality, while hospitals are beginning to be saturated in the country.

Monday morning, the government made state-of-103 671-positive cases to the COVID-19. He had announced on Sunday that the pandemic had crossed the threshold of 2000 deaths in the country.

The number of infected persons is, however, largely under-estimated, in the absence of a screening is sufficient. At the end of may, the Health minister of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa had indicated to the AFP that the contamination level was ten times higher than the official figures in this province, in the North-West.

In early June, a report from the authorities of the province of Punjab (Is) was leaked to the media, saying that more than 670.000 patients lived in Lahore, a city of more than 11 million inhabitants. Officially, the number of positive cases was only 72, 000 people for all over Pakistan, which has more than 200 million inhabitants.

The lethality of the disease, strong acceleration, however, remains low in this country with health infrastructure dormant. But then as now surveyed close to 1,400 patients in a critical state, many hospitals are reaching saturation.

“The hospitals lack beds. There is not enough of a result, artificial respirators”, is concerned about Khizer Hayat, the president of the Association of young doctors of Punjab, on being questioned by the AFP.

“While the cases are increasing, a growing number of health workers are also victims of the virus,” said Dr. Farooq Sahil, doctor hospital, Lahore.

In Karachi (South), hospitals have started to refuse patients. In front of the hospital Indus, a banner expressed the “regret” of the management of the establishment, since the centre is dedicated to the COVID-19 is “completely saturated”.

“The crisis develops now, that we have ceased to observe the isolation measures”, said to AFP Sikander Ali Memon, has been in charge of the fight against the novel coronavirus, for the province of Sindh, of which Karachi is the capital.

The prime minister, Imran Khan has been, since the beginning of the pandemic opposed to a containment of the cities which, according to him, allows you to “save the people of the coronavirus, but the fact die of hunger.” In early June, he announced the complete lifting of the containment initiated at the end of march in Pakistan.

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