Pakistan: a train hit a minibus, at least 22 dead

Pakistan: un train percute un minibus, au moins 22 morts

At least 22 people have died in the collision of a train with a bus on a level crossing in eastern Pakistan, announced on Friday the government, yet another accident of the kind in the country.

“The crossing was unattended and the driver of the pickup truck has taken a hasty decision in moving to the tract” in the town of Farooqabad, told AFP Quratul Ain, a spokesman of pakistan railways, adding that the passengers were all pilgrims sikhs.

“About 20 persons have lost their lives in the crash, tragic. Two persons later succumbed to their injuries, bringing the number of dead at 22, ” said the pakistani ministry of Interior in a press release.

Earlier in the day, the spokesperson of the local police, Wajid Abbas, had said that 19 people were dead – all from the same family – and the other eight were in a critical condition at the hospital. None of the passengers on the train was injured.

The prime minister, Imran Khan said he is “deeply saddened” on Twitter by the accident.

Transport in Pakistan, due to lack of observance of safety rules, record, year after year, human toll is disastrous.

Last October, 74 passengers of a train were killed in the explosion of a gas bottle carried by one of them to cook by the way.

In February, at least 18 people were killed and 55 injured when a train rammed into a bus, cutting it in two, on a level crossing in southern Pakistan. At the end of may, the four passengers of a car died in the same circumstances in the east of the country.

“Train stations and railway lines are deficient. Each passenger taking the train is in danger, “observed in January, the supreme Court, calling the national railway company of entity is the “most corrupt” government.

“We still use the old railway line, constructed in 1861,” under the colonial british, has recently indicated to AFP the minister of Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed. “It is a collective failure of successive governments. “

Some 25 000 people die each year on the roads of pakistan, as a responsible police officer, despite a fleet that is restricted for a country of over 200 million inhabitants.

The poor quality of roads, vehicles, the large number of unlicensed drivers and, more generally, non-compliance with the rules are often cited to explain these figures.

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