Pakistan: death in the fire of a bus of 18 people displaced by the floods

Pakistan: Bus fire kills 18 displaced people by the floods


At least 18 people, including 12 children, were killed in the fire of the bus taking them back to their village after being displaced by the catastrophic floods that hit Pakistan this summer, it was reported. we learned Thursday from an official source. 

The fire broke out on the night of Wednesday to Thursday when the bus had just left Karachi (South), where these people were refugees after the floods caused by the monsoon rains.

A third of the country was left under water, eight million people were displaced, two million homes were destroyed or damaged and 1,500 hospitals and clinics ravaged. The damage is estimated at 28 billion dollars and a health crisis now threatens the displaced.

Water is slowly beginning to recede from the flooded areas and many of the displaced people, who had taken refuge in improvised camps , are now returning home to try to rebuild their lives.

The victims “were returning to their village when they were caught up in this accident”, Vinod Kumar, a local health official, told AFP. present at the scene of the tragedy.

“Apparently, the fire started in the air conditioning system of the bus, but the investigation will reveal the real cause”, indicated a police official, Hashim Brohi, also present on the spot.

Fatal accidents are very frequent in transport in Pakistan due to dilapidated roads, poorly maintained vehicles and reckless driving.

Some 1,700 people were killed since the start of the monsoon in June in the floods, which resp Pakistani officials have widely blamed it on climate change.