“Pale and speechless”: Danylko suddenly became bad in the eyes of the public

"Побледнел и лишился дара речи": Данилко внезапно стало плохо на глазах у публики

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46-year-old actor barely finished his statement. According to the representative of Andrei Danilko, he had heart block, writes Clutch.

So, on 4 November, the shooting took place new year’s show “Hello, 20th!”, which channel “Ukraine” will be broadcast on the night of 31 December. An hour before going on stage Andrew Danilko became ill.

On stage the actor went pale and barely talked. After each number he returned to the dressing room and was dressed up because of exhaustion suit Danilko fully mokrf. After some of Danilko was removed, the star closed in the dressing room and a few hours did not go.

"Побледнел и лишился дара речи": Данилко внезапно стало плохо на глазах у публики

Danilko, photo Сlutch

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The representative Andrei Danilko said that the contractor suffered a heart block – a pathological process that is characterized by changes in muscle tissue, which are responsible for conducting electrical impulses. This drastically reduced heart rate. To normalize the condition Danilko, it was completely injection drugs, after which celebrity got a little better.

Clutch journalists present at the filming of the Christmas show noticed that Danilko came to the set already being pale. He was surrounded by guards and constantly kept in motion.

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