Palm Sunday 2019: that in no event it is impossible to do in celebration

With palm Sunday begins the last Holy week of lent

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Вербное воскресенье 2019: что ни в коем случае нельзя делать в праздник

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday 2019 is celebrated on the eve of Easter. As this transition religious holiday date of celebration changes every year. Earlier “Today” wrote that in 2019 we celebrate Easter 28 April, palm Sunday falls on April 21. What are the traditions and superstitions of the day, and that in any case it is impossible to do on palm Sunday, read our article.

Palm Sunday 2019: holiday traditions 21 APR

Perhaps the most widespread tradition of palm Sunday can be considered blows with willow. After willow was consecrated at the morning service in the Church, people would hit each other with twigs and saying: “Verba whipping, beat to tears. I did not beat, willow beats. Be healthy, like willow.”

The people believed that the consecrated willow has a special cleansing force that can save livestock from damage, disease and the evil eye.

Palm Sunday 2019: signs and sayings of the day

Palm week palm organized bazaars where they sold a variety of toys, books and sweets. There’s also bought and bound into bundles of willow. The beam was supposed to tie the paper angel, who was called the “Holy cherub”.

In addition, willow is associated with many sayings and signs: “On the eve of palm Sunday St. Lazarus for willow climbed”, “the Cattle out in the field for the first time with willow palm Sunday”, “If Holy week wind, with matinees, Jari good will”, “On palm frost — spring bread will be good”, “willow thaw leads, driving from the river last ice”, “Not willow beats, and the old sin.”

Palm Sunday 2019: why Verba

The people willow has always represented spring and new life. Therefore, it has become a religious symbol. In addition, willow branches are called “boughs of virtue”: they metaphorically reach for the sky.

In addition, the old Testament says that the temple people were supposed to bring young willow branches. It is consecrated on Saturday on the vigil. Then willow carry home and put into the water: if she let roots can be planted in the ground, and if they dry up – in any case not thrown away, they can only burn.

Palm Sunday 2019: as noted by the Ukrainians

With palm Sunday begins the last Holy week of fasting. To this day it is customary to congratulate each other, to attend service and to sanctify willow twigs. They symbolize the palm branches that greeted Jesus ‘ entry into Jerusalem before his crucifixion. It is believed that the willow branches will protect the house from fires and floods, and its owners – from disease, poverty and misery.

Palm Sunday 2019: what not to do in celebration on April 21

  • On palm Sunday you cannot work: clean, cook, sew;
  • Discard active entertainment, as well as alcohol (you can afford a little wine);
  • As in the other days of lent, palm Sunday do not eat foods of animal origin (can eat fish);
  • You should try to move away from the hustle and bustle, to be cleansed spiritually, to pray and prepare for Holy week.

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