Palm Sunday 2019: the date and main traditions of the holiday

When is palm Sunday in 2019 and what are the rituals of the day will add health and strength

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Вербное воскресенье 2019 года: дата и главные традиции праздника

What day is palm Sunday in 2019

What date will palm Sunday 2019, which means that this day, what history is, and what an interesting tradition observed in the celebration of willow, find out in our article.

Continues Great post 2019 – the long and difficult period in the annual Church calendar. But even during the harshest of lent is joyful and bright holidays, one of which is palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday 2019: what day is celebrated

In the sixth week of Great lent begins Holy week which ends with the Orthodox holiday – palm Sunday. It is a moveable holiday that does not have a fixed date because it depends entirely on Easter and comes just a week before the celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

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So, knowing the exact date of Easter, which in 2019 will come April 28, it is easy to calculate what date palm Sunday 2019. Holy week is the period from 15 to 21 April, and that means palm Sunday will be celebrated April 21.

But the day after palm Sunday starts Holy week, which runs until Easter 2019.

Palm Sunday – the history and meaning of the holiday

From palm Sunday has another name – the Entry of Christ into Jerusalem. As described in the gospel events, it was the day Jesus rode on a donkey into the Holy city, Jerusalem. Local residents welcomed him as the Savior with palm branches of praise and shouting “Hosanna!” The holiday symbolizes the recognition by the people that Jesus was the Messiah, and the entrance of the son of man in Heaven.

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Palm Sunday – the popular traditions and rituals of the holiday

Many folk traditions and rituals Palm of the week are connected with the willow. The fact that in our latitudes trees are not growing, but the middle of spring just budding willow shoots, which it was decided to replace the symbolic palm branches.

During worship on palm Sunday in churches consecrated bunches of willow. Then consecrated willow carried home, it was decorated with icons and kept throughout the year as an amulet against disease, the evil eye, fires, floods and other misfortunes.

Verba attributed miraculous healing power. It was customary to eat palm buds to become fit and health. In decoctions of willow bathed the children to protect from disease. Also verbovyy sprigs sprinkled housing and livestock from misfortunes.

But the main ritual of palm Sunday – it blows verbovyy branches to each other and especially children. It was believed that if it is easy to slap a sacred willow with wishes of health and strength, it will leave any illness.

On palm Sunday allowed the indulgence of fasting can eat fish and drink wine.

On palm Sunday it is away from the hustle and bustle, to pray, to think about life and to prepare for Holy week.

Earlier we told you what the weekend will be on Easter, 2019 in Ukraine.

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Вербное воскресенье 2019 года: дата и главные традиции праздника

Вербное воскресенье 2019 года: дата и главные традиции праздника

Вербное воскресенье 2019 года: дата и главные традиции праздника


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