Palm Sunday 2019: what not to do in this day

“Today” tell about the main prohibitions palm Sunday 2019

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Вербное воскресенье 2019: что нельзя делать в этот день

21 April celebrate palm Sunday 2019

Exactly seven days before the Resurrection, April 21, Orthodox Ukrainians celebrate one of the most important holidays of the year – palm Sunday 2019. At the feast, the faithful go to Church to dedicate a sprig of willow, as well as adhere to strict fasting. Do not forget to congratulate on palm Sunday 2019 all people close to you, take good health, peace, prosperity and of course happiness. And on weekends you can invite relatives and friends and organize a picnic, because on palm Sunday 2019, weather forecasters promise good weather.

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“Today,” write about the history, taboos, rituals and traditions in the day of palm Sunday 2019. Find out what no means impossible to do on palm Sunday 2019.

Palm Sunday 2019: the history of the holiday

According to legend, Jesus, in this day visited Jerusalem and met with local residents. In the city Jesus rode on a donkey, and people began to shout “Hosanna!”. The people recognized Jesus as the Messiah.

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The very palm Sunday as a holiday, is one of the oldest. It is possible to find mentions in the 3rd century. But then, the triumph had a different name – of the Week of palms or flowering. But over time, when it started to overlap already with the folk tradition, the name was given in honor of the fact that at about this time began to blossom fluffy catkins. So we got palm Sunday.

Вербное воскресенье 2019: что нельзя делать в этот день

Congratulate with a holiday of palm Sunday 2019 relatives

Signs on palm Sunday 2019

  • Plants planted on the occasion, should grow well and to bring home wealth.
  • Also people believe that this holiday can be healed of different diseases, if you dip into the broth of svyachenaya willow.
  • It is believed that the Sutra of cut willow twigs consecrated in the temple, to help infertile if you keep them in the house.

Вербное воскресенье 2019: что нельзя делать в этот день

Palm Sunday 2019 is celebrated on 21 April

Palm Sunday 2019: what not to do

  • You need to observe lent don’t eat meat and dairy products. You can afford a little fish added to food vegetable oil and drink a glass of red wine.
  • Can’t drink alcoholic beverages;
  • To work or to do household chores;
  • To clean, to knit and to sew;
  • Cursing, swearing, quarreling;
  • Comb the hair.

“Today” offers you the best options congratulations on palm Sunday in prose, poetry, short SMS, and colorful postcards for every taste. Earlier we told what the weekend will be on Easter, 2019 in Ukraine.

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