“Pamela, A Love Story”: Pamela Anderson au naturel

“Pamela, A Love Story”: Pamela Anderson au naturel


She has opened her archives, her diaries and appears on camera without makeup. And it's thrilling. 

Thrilling to hear Pamela Anderson talk about growing up on an island in British Columbia, thrilling to listen to her recount the relationships – yes, dysfunctional – between his parents. Heartbreaking to follow her in the evocation of her memories of sexual abuse. Then Labatt, Playboy and Hollywood. His meeting with Tommy Lee, their whirlwind of passion and the two children born of their union – Brandon Lee is also executive producer of the feature film. 

Pamela Anderson analyzes herself in front of the camera, does not mince her words, explains patiently, answers questions. It is natural and spontaneous in all circumstances. She is candid too, no question of twisting the truth, not even when she remembers that Sylvester Stallone had offered her “an apartment and a Porsche to be his girlfriend number 1”, specifying to her that she would never be offered. better. She laughs, brushes aside the critics, assumes her choices, admits that her film “Barb Wire” was not good. 

She also returns, with seriousness, to the theft of the tape of her antics with Tommy Lee. The famous “sex tape”, worn – without her being warned – in a TV series broadcast on Disney +, continues to upset her. Aware that her exit has shattered her career, Pamela Anderson details her trauma, explains the details, is indignant – rightly – at the fate that has been reserved for her. She talks about her – too many – husbands, confides that her favorite thing is to fall in love and that Tommy Lee remains the love of her life. 

There is no doubt that Pamela Anderson is friendly. Endowed with a refreshing common sense and a disarming frankness, she looks back on a life that is nothing ordinary and draws lessons from it without ever losing her optimism and her sense of humor. The most moving? Her relationship with her children, solid and loving, and this immense fragility that we guess despite everything. 

  • “Pamela, A Love Story” is broadcast via Netflix from January 30.
  • Rating: 3.5 out of 5