Pamela Anderson announces her break up with Jon Peters… after 12 days of marriage 💔

Pamela Anderson annonce sa rupture avec Jon Peters... après 12 jours de mariage 💔

Pamela Anderson announces her break up with Jon Peters… after 12 days of marriage

You should never rush things, we all know this expression. Not Pamela Anderson apparently… For proof, the former star of baywatch has just split from Jon Peters after only 12 days of marriage. No, no, this is not a joke. It is the actress herself who announced her break-up with the producer of A Star is Born.

Pamela Anderson has lived a mid-year 2019 quite complicated because of his break-up with Adil Rami, who has surprised a lot of people. In June, the former candidate for Dancing with the stars 9 accused the player of having cheated, of having led a double life with the mother of his children Sidonie Biémont and to have been violent with her. The athlete has always denied. Six months after this whole story, Pamela Anderson has found love with Jon Peters, that she has already visited 30 years ago.

Pamela Anderson announces her break up with Jon Peters

The former lovers have celebrated their reunion with… their wedding ! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former star of baywatch, married four times, and Jon Peters have said yes in the secret of the January 20, 2020 : “there are pretty girls everywhere. I have the choice, but for 35 years, I just wanted Pamela. It makes me wild, in a good way. She inspires me. I protects it and treats it the way it deserves to be treated“, had confessed to the producer of A Star is Born.

If this union was a little unexpected, the break between Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters is just as important. Yes, only two weeks after their marriage, they have decided to separate : “I was very moved by the reactions warm my marriage with Jon. We are grateful for your support at the time when we decide to move away to re-evaluate what we expect from life and one another. Life is a journey and love is a process. With this universal truth in mind, we have a mutual agreement decided to drop the formalization of our marriage certificate (…) We thank you for respecting our privacy, “said the actress to The Hollywood Reporter.

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