Pamela Anderson : marriage surprise with Jon Peters less than six months after his break-up with Adil Rami

Pamela Anderson : mariage surprise avec Jon Peters moins de six mois après sa rupture avec Adil Rami

Pamela Anderson remarried with Jon Peters

This is a new one that nobody expected. Almost 6 months after his break-up very agitated with the footballer Adil Rami, Pamela Anderson remarried ! The former star of baywatch, married in a secret Jon Peters, the producer of A star is born, this January 20, 2020 in Malibu.

Last June, Pamela Anderson took everyone by surprise by announcing his break-up with Adil Rami, after two years of relationship. The former star of’baywatch afflicting the footballer and accused him of having deceived and to have led a double life with his ex, Sidonie Biémont : “I was mistaken, I was led to believe that we lived the “great love”. I was devastated to discover these last days, he lived a double life.” A true media war ensued between the two stars.

Pamela Anderson remarried with Jon Peters

The surprise seems to be the watchword of Pamela Anderson as one comes to learn that she had remarried ! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star of 52-year-old was married to Jon Peters, 74 years old, in a secret ceremony in Malibu on 20 January last. They were already out together there are more than 30 years and have found these last few months.

“There are pretty girls everywhere. I have the choice, but for 35 years, I just wanted Pamela. It makes me wild, in a good way. She inspires me. I protects it and treats it the way it deserves to be treated”, had entrusted the producer of the films A star is born, Man of steel, Superman Returns , or Batman, the challenge.

It is the fifth marriage of Pamela Anderson, who had already exchanged rings with Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Solomon (two times).

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