Pamela Anderson offers Justin Trudeau to help him to become vegan

Pamela Anderson offre à Justin Trudeau de l'aider à devenir végan

Pamela Anderson has offered to Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, to help you become a vegan like her. The actress and director honorary PETA has written an open letter to the politician after he had decided to grant $ 100 million to the industry vegan.

“The sensuality, it is also engaging to the world and worry about the feelings of others. Nothing is sexier than compassion. Your recent decision to invest $ 100 million in industry mushrooms, corresponds to this description,” she wrote, offering him the help to become vegan. “If you want to eliminate meat and dairy products from your diet, and I hope that you will do it, I would be honored to be your mentor”, she adds.

The star commends in particular the canadian prime minister have taken a decision that will create jobs, jute after the crisis of the sars coronavirus. “Your decision is also fiscally responsible, creating jobs for Canadians, while avoiding a life and a death terrible to many animals,” she wrote.

“While the COVID-19 has exposed the serious risks associated with factory farms and slaughterhouses, the world needs leaders who are sensitive like you, who are ready to accept solutions that are clean, smart and compassionate,” says Pamela Anderson.

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