Pampering with herbs

Taking care with fine herbs


Now that the fine herbs are coloring and fragrant in the flowerbeds by forming attractive clumps, the time has come to cook them! 

Manual mill

Between the stainless steel blades of this durable plastic grinder, fresh herbs are chopped and then sprinkled over your favorite dish, enhancing its flavor and beauty. They will bring the final touch to the decoration of a salad, a plate of pasta, a fish steak, a piece of meat and even a cocktail. Manually activated, this mill is suitable for both right- and left-handers. > $34.55


A bouquet of cut herbs waiting to be prepared finds its place inside this Cuisipro storage container. The latter keeps the stems submerged in water to prolong the life of the herbs by ensuring freshness and hydration. This accessory can be easily stored in the refrigerator door and its removable tray can be removed to facilitate draining > $33.50 

Thinning Comb

By sliding a sprig of oregano, thyme or coriander through this Oxo comb, all it takes is a single movement for the leaves to detach from the stems. No need to remove the sheets one by one! Four additional openings are intended for more robust and bulky plants, such as kale for example. > $7.99 

Herb dryer

To build up a delicious supply of herbs from the garden and enjoy them all year round, it's time to put our favorite herbs in a dryer like this. Its slender mesh and air-flowing feet ensure even and quick drying of various herbs, edible flowers, fresh pasta, and more. Eight dryers can be stacked to maximize production. > $52.50 a pair