“Pandemic” and “Quarantine”, two pumas born in a zoo mexican

«Pandémie» et «Quarantaine», deux pumas nés dans un zoo mexicain

“Pandemic” for female and “Quarantine” for the male : two pumas were born recently in a zoo is Mexico where they have been appointed in the air of the time.

The two cats at the spotted coat were born on the 20 march, five days after the birth of a tigreau, called Covid, in the zoo of the city of Cordoba, in the State of Veracruz (east).

With these names, “Pandemia” and “Cuarentena” in Spanish, ” this is to bring awareness to the world that we need to be more responsible and united in the face of the crisis “, explained to AFP Gonzalo Rodriguez, head of the zoo Africa Bio Zoo.

The two little pumas come to swell the ranks of the species ” puma concolor “. According to Mr. Rodriguez, the spots on the fur babies pumas disappear after a few months.

The parents of the “Pandemic” and “Quarantine” belong to a family of pumas recovered in a circus after the enactment of a law in 2015 to prohibit shows with animals in Mexico.

“They are born of natural reproduction during the period of confinement due to the Covid-19 “, said to AFP the veterinarian of the zoo, Kitzia Rodriguez.

According to her, the gestation of approximately three months has been facilitated by a level of stress lower and pollution is less due to the containment.

“There was almost nobody (in the zoo). The stress that can be caused by the presence of visitors may touch them, but this time it was not the case, ” she explained.

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