Pandemic : Apple closes stores in the United States

Pandémie : Apple referme des magasins aux États-Unis

Apple will again close stores in the u.s. States that are experiencing a rebound in case of coronavirus, a decision lightly punished in the Stock market.

“We follow the evolution of the situation closely and are taking this action out of an abundance of caution. We look forward to again welcoming our teams and our clients, as quickly as possible, ” said a spokesman Friday.

The multinational will temporarily close the doors of 11 stores, including six in Arizona, two in Florida and three in North Carolina and of the South.

Apple had lost a little more than 1 % on Wall Street on Friday.

For the past eight days, the number of deaths of the COVID-19 in the country remains under the bar of a thousand, but the epidemic has rebounded in some twenty States.

She moved to New York and from north-east to a wide band covering the south and west of the country.

The group from california had announced the first re-openings may start with a limited number of visitors per store, temperature monitoring, safe distance and wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

The United States remain the countries with the highest grief-stricken by the pandemic, with more than 118 000 died of the virus in total and nearly 2.2 million cases diagnosed in the territory, according to data from the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made.

Despite this, the immunologist-in-chief of the White House, Anthony Fauci, said Thursday that new containment measures will not be needed in the United States.

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