Pandemic: Australia announces $ 2 billion to help in the conversion

Pandémie: l'Australie annonce 2 milliards $ pour aider à la reconversion

SYDNEY | Australia announced on Thursday a plan of aid for the conversion features of the $ 2 billion australian ($1.9 billion), while unemployment has reached its highest level in two decades, the country accusing the economic impact of the pandemic COVID-19.

The first minister Scott Morrison explained that this would create more than 300 000 places in training programmes designed to enable graduates and the newly unemployed to retrain for work in sectors which are “carriers”.

“For many Australians, it is disturbing to see that they have a lot of trouble finding a job in the industries or the places where they were working”, he stressed.

“So we want to guarantee them the opportunity to find a potential employment in other sectors,” explained the prime minister.

The australian Bureau of statistics has reported a 0.3% increase in the unemployment rate in June, to 7.4 %.

This country of 25 million inhabitants, which might enter into recession for the first time in nearly 30 years, now has nearly a million people without a job.

It is the rate of unemployment is the highest since 1998.

The conservative government has spent billions of dollars to support the economy since the country has taken measures of containment in march.

Thus, it has provided wage support for firms in difficulty and increased its support for people receiving social assistance. These aids must come to an end in September.

Mr. Morrison stated that the economy “response” now, most of the countries have loosened restrictions in recent weeks.

However, a resurgence of the epidemic in Melbourne darkened the hopes of economic recovery.

The five million inhabitants the second largest city in australia are again confined since last week, which is expected to cost up to 6 billion australian dollars (3,68 billion euros) to the economy of the country.

In the course of the last 24 hours 317 new cases were registered in the State of Victoria, is a record figure.

Seven people have died since the 10th of July, bringing the total number of deaths in Australia to 113, of the almost 11 000 contamination.

The health authorities are trying to contain the virus in the State of Victoria, which is over a week isolated from the rest of the country.

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