Pandemic coronavirus: France on the eve of resumed Tuesday a life “almost normal”

Pandémie de coronavirus: la France à la veille de reprendre mardi une vie «presque normale»

Paris | The French live on Monday, their last day of travel limited, on the eve of the reopening as cafés, restaurants, colleges, and schools in most parts of the country, marking the return to an “almost normal life”, according to the words of their prime minister, Édouard Philippe.

On Tuesday, after two and a half months of closure due to outbreak of new coronavirus, bars, cafes and restaurants of the “green zones” – the whole of metropolitan France except the paris region – are allowed to reopen, with strict health rules: ten people maximum per table, one meter at least between each group, consumption standing prohibited in bars.

The departments of Ile-de-France (paris region), Mayotte and La Réunion (Indian ocean) are, themselves, in the “orange zone” because of their health situation.

A little everywhere, the restaurants are preparing for this long-awaited moment, as in Strasbourg (Is), at the famous restaurant the Kammerzell House (maison Kammerzell.

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“We spent several hours cleaning it up” and make the hunting of coronavirus. Monday, it was a second disinfection Covid, even more extensive, ” says AFP Theo Stutzmann, master of hotel.

The mask is mandatory for servers and for clients who want to go to the toilet. “We all asked once the salt shaker at a nearby table. There, it will not be possible”, adds Mr. Stutzmann.

“Optimistic,” measured

“It is the optimism that prevails today,” says Hervé Becam, vice-chair, confederal secretary of the Union des métiers et industries de l’hotellerie (Umih). “The standards have started to flash, the bookings are being done”.

“We can reopen it, but economically it will not be profitable, we all know very well”, says Didier Chenet, president of the national Grouping of independent hotels, restaurants and caterers (GNI). According to a survey conducted by the body, approximately 17% of restaurant owners have claimed not to be able to reopen. Some will wait until September.

In Paris, where only the re-opening of the terraces is allowed (as in all orange areas), the town hall has announced that bars, cafes and restaurants could be extended free of charge on a part of the public space : sidewalks, parking spaces and even some streets are closed to traffic.

The candidate The Republicans (right-wing opposition) at the mairie de Paris Rachida Dati has, however, predicts “tensions” with local residents and pedestrians.

The reopening of all beaches on Tuesday is also expected, with impatience, the English Channel (North) to the Mediterranean (South).

The limitation of travel at 100 kilometres or less from home, will also be lifted on Tuesday. As, soon, the restriction of a seat on both trains.

All the schools and colleges of metropolitan France will reopen, as well as the high schools of the departments classified as green, but in a gradual manner.

If the economy picks up a bit of breath since the beginning of the déconfinement on 11 may, she will not before long its pre-crisis level, in particular due to an historic recession.

Unemployment has jumped from 22% in April with 843 000 additional job seekers.

And the market is a French car has even plunged in may, of 50,34%, manufacturers are discerning, however, first signs of recovery, according to data published Monday.

In total, the COVID-19 killed 28 802 people in France (+31), according to the last balance-sheet published on Sunday. The number of patients in the icu continued to decrease (1319).

But for experts, the second phase of déconfinement does not mean that we should lower our guard.

“Reliving just as before the epidemic? No, not yet,” said Arnaud Fontanet, an epidemiologist and member of the scientific Council is consulted by the executive on matters relating to the COVID-19.

“I will not speak of extinction as the virus will remain, but a significant decrease (its propagation) is ongoing,” he said in a radio broadcast-television.

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