Pandemic: Pauline Marois wants a reflection on the plight of the elderly and women

Pandémie: Pauline Marois souhaite une réflexion sur le sort des personnes âgées et des femmes

The former prime minister of Quebec Pauline Marois is concerned about the fate of the elderly and to the decline of women’s rights in the time of a pandemic.

“My biggest concern is the aging of the population and the way in which our society treats the elderly,” she confided, Wednesday, at Caroline St-Hilaire, on QUB radio.

Ms. Marois wants a reflection on the place of older people in our society. “The elderly should continue to be part of our society. Is this really a good idea to concentrate in the same places” she questioned.

The ex-head of parti québécois is also concerned about the consequences of the health crisis on women, who, she says, seem to “pay a price heavier during the pandemic”, with a return to “traditional roles”.

“It is necessary to correct the shooting”, she insisted.

Wave of denunciations

In regards to the wave of denunciations, including the women – and men – who decide to denounce their aggressor, she blames “those who do so anonymously”.

“There’s no going back on the case of Yves François [Blanket] I understand with all my heart, that said, it is so heinous that someone attacking you without that you can defend yourself”, she argued.

“You can’t destroy the reputation of dozens of people without an approach that is based on principles of justice.”

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