Pandemic: stuck in Morocco since mid-march

Pandémie: coincée au Maroc depuis la mi-mars

Julie Bellegarde had to return to Morocco on the 13th of march last, but because of the pandemic of the COVID-19, she finds herself still stuck in this North African country almost three months later.

“It was new out of nothing. There was no support,” says Ms. Bellegarde.

Flights of repatriation have been organized in the country in the month of April by the ministry of foreign Affairs, but a very poor internet connection prevented the woman to get his place at the edge thereof.

“It took the codes to purchase the ticket. I have not had the codes for the first two flights of repatriation of the 21 and 23 April. Then, I received the code for the theft of 25, but my internet connection was not stable enough so that I could make it to the end of the process to buy my ticket online, which makes it so that I’m still here,” she says.

Ms. Bellegarde denounce now the fact that she receives more news from the canadian embassy and the government.

“The government, for the moment, does not seem to want to move,” she said.

It is a period stressful for the mother whose 17-year-old waits in Quebec.

“I think the fact that we don’t have support, that we don’t have new, never, nothing, wait still, it has a tremendous influence on our mental health, if we want to,” says Julie Bellegarde.

Few solutions

One of the solutions that are proposed to him is to pay 2500$ for a flight of two stopovers via London. But his physical condition does not allow him to make this journey.

An association has also tried to organize a private charter flight to repatriate Canadians still stuck in Morocco, but Ms. Bellegarde has been no news about it since about 12 days.

“There is an association that has helped us a lot, to recover the people who are still in Morocco in collaboration with a travel agent and the airline Nolinor. So we had the permissions to land and all that, however, what I do know is that world Affairs would be like to be a bit hampered in all of this, and here we are still waiting to see if the private flight that the association has set up will pick us up”, she says.

Julie Bellegarde insists on the urgent need to repatriate Canadians stranded in Morocco.

“It’s starting to be urgent enough that we have to come back to Canada because […] it has become health issues which are quite important”, is concerned that that is having currently health problems.

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