Pandemic: the pimps have not taken leave

Pandémie: les proxénètes n’ont pas pris congé

The pimps and recruiters are particularly active on social networks since the beginning of the pandemic. A young woman from the Saguenay and her friends were witnesses last week when a pure unknown particular emphasis has addressed.

He had a beautiful promise of travel to the four corners of the world and make a lot of money, the three friends have not gobé his beautiful words.

“We tried to make him talk. It was known that he came from Montreal. We took screenshots which I then sent to the police”, said Carolanne, 19 years.

The young woman is that one uses a fictitious name to talk about herself, because she fears that the recruiter or network to be able to trace. Because even if she has never seen in his life, the man watched for a good time obviously.

“It started a few weeks ago when one of my friends I was identified on a story on Snapchat. This guy had me then added without talking to me, but I had not accepted. Then, on Saturday, I published a story with my friends in which I said that we were looking for a place to go out in the Saguenay and he came to speak to us. Clearly, he was waiting for an excuse like this to do that,” observed after the fact Carolanne.

Call to vigilance

The mysterious recruiter will ultimately hurt selected his prey: Carolanne has just finished a technique in social work and is very aware of issues around sexual exploitation. It has even made its project of end of DEC on this topic.

“Even if it is more discreet than in Montreal, I knew that there was recruitment in the Saguenay. It proves to me that these people do not stop at a five-hour drive,” added the one who was to speak up for prevention.

It is feared that young girls, the less equipped it, and often younger, fall in the panel.

Carolanne also wants to educate his generation on the importance of protecting privacy on social networks. After this mishap, she also changed her privacy settings on the app Snapchat in order that, from now on, only friends can write to him.

Prostitution has adapted

Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok are a windfall for recruiters.

“It was true before, but it has escalated since the beginning of the pandemic, as the young are even more often on the social networks. In addition, recruiters have more free time,” said Diane Matte, founder of the Concertation of struggles against sexual exploitation (CLES).

The organization finds that the sex industry has never really stopped during the confinement. The hotels, the massage parlors and bars in strip club closed, the girls have perhaps the most to meet clients as before, but they do not remain less exploited.

“Some women have been redirected by their pimp to the webcam. Some are okay, but others are not interested, because their image is going to stay. Many consumers found the girls and harry to see them in real life,” said Ms. Matte.

The pimps are therefore always in search of fresh flesh. In recent years, the media have talked a lot about minor, but what is less well known is that of young adult women, like Carolanne, are also regularly solicited by individuals bad intentions.

“For the minor, the police take it much more seriously. For the major, it is not large-thing, and the pimps have understood very well,” insisted the founder of CLES.

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