Pandora’s box

La boîte de Pandore

In Quebec, the Covid-19 continues to hit. While it opens the campsites, it has already crossed the milestone of 4,000 deaths. It is more than two-thirds of deaths in Canada. Elderly people in NURSING homes or private residences are almost all.

We don’t really know how to classify such tragedies. Disaster. Tragedy. National shame. Failure. The anger, it is inextricable.

Of the investigations, there will be. There will also be the inevitable result of 20 years of serious neglect of the governments towards the most vulnerable — frail older adults or adults with intellectual disabilities/or physical.

It has been known for a long time that Quebec is an aging society, but nobody – or very little – didn’t want to create public policy consistent.

In this, the crisis of the COVID-19 turns out to be a dreadful Pandora’s box. The more you search, the more one finds there all the evils born of this great negligence. It has even been necessary to call in the canadian army in CHSLD.

Disaster announced

Over the cuts and “reforms” ultra-centralization in the ministry of Health and social Services has become a monster that is technocratic and dehumanized, where the omerta has settled in more permanently.

This disaster is announced, I’m doing the detailed analysis for years. Many other alarms were also sounded, but governments have refused to hear. Today, more than 4000 people dead, the cry in turn.

One tip, especially the chronic shortage of staff in NURSING homes and residences as the main responsible for the debacle. The reality, however, is that that lack is itself the direct product of all these years of neglect of policy and finance.

Worried with reason to survive to see a second wave of the virus this fall, so that the soldiers would have left the CHSLD, the prime minister François Legault will continue to seek ways of recruiting of orderlies (PAB) – value-added work, but never valued.


His last offensive : a major recruitment campaign. Objective : to train and hire 10,000 people to NURSING homes at rates finally decent. The mission may be too late, but at least it exists.

Fearful of losing their COP the benefit of the public network, the private residences, some of which are empires of business, and yell, however with the unfair competition. Here, Pandora’s box opens again.

We are witnessing the shadow of the increasing use by our governments over the years to private companies in the “take care” of vulnerable people. A lucrative market. Remain at home, he went to the door.

But, as the Boucar Diouf, the’ golden age should never be a question of money “. The problem is that it is beautiful and well become.

In the Face of its most vulnerable citizens, young or old, the québec government has gradually let go of its protective role. The Pandora’s box of the current crisis has not finished revealing all the extent. The government Legault will not have the choice. The adjustment will be massive.

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