Paralympic team of Ukraine in shooting won the championship

Паралімпійська збірна України з кульової стрільби тріумфувала на чемпіонаті Європи

In General, Ukrainians won 13 awards

Powerfully by the national Paralympic team in shooting at the European championship for Paralympic shooting (air weapons), 1-7 December was held in Belgrade (Serbia).

During the three days of competitions Ukrainian Paralympic athletes, competing with over 120 athletes from 27 countries, has won 13 medals: four gold, five silver and four bronze.

In addition, the Ukrainians won the first place in Europe, informs a press-service of National Committee of sport of invalids of Ukraine.

Eight exercises included in the program of the European championship the national team of Ukraine, consisting of 12 athletes managed to win medals in seven exercises.

The quality of medals the national team of Ukraine took the first team place, and the number of repeated her success of may 2018 world Cup.

Of the total number of gold medals – two in individual exercises (Sync Irina in R2 air rifle shooting standing, and Alexey Denisyuk, shooting from a pneumatic gun). Besides, Setnc set a new record of the world and Europe in the final.

So, the winners of these awards were:

Irina Shenk – exercise rifle R2
Alexey Denisyuk – exercise gun P1
team (Irina Leahu, Oleksiy Denysiuk, Olga Kovalchuk) – exercise gun R5
the team (Yuri Matafonov, Alexey Denisyuk, Andrey n Savateev) – exercise gun P1

Andrey Doroshenko – R1
Alexey Denisyuk – R5
team (Irina Shenk, Yuri Stoev, Andrey Doroshenko) – R3
the team (Yuri Matafonov, Vitaly Plakuschiy, Vasily Kovalchuk) – R4
the team (Yuri Matafonov, Vitaly Plakuschiy, Vasily Kovalchuk) – R5

Vasily Kovalchuk (two medals) – R5 and R4
Irina Leahu – R5
Andrey Doroshenko – R3

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