Paralysed goat has learned to walk on two legs

Парализованная коза научилась ходить на двух лапах

The front legs of the animal do not work from birth.

Indian goat born with paralyzed front legs learned to walk on its hind legs, reports the with reference to Znaiu.

The owner of an unusual animal Lokesh Mishra has posted a video walk goats in the village of Ramgiri in the North of India, in Bihar state.

He says that when news of the animal spread to nearby villages, people started to flock to the house Microa to see “the miracle of the goat that walks as a human.”

According to Misra, little goat from birth is suffering from paralysis of the forelimbs, however, the animal learned to survive no matter what.

“We thought we would have to euthanize her, but she showed resilience and began to try to be balanced on the hind legs.After a few days she suddenly began to run only on its hind legs, says the small farmer and cattleman.The villagers fell in love with this animal, and often a photograph it or bring friends and relatives to look at an amazing animal.

Local veterinarians believe that the paralysis was the result of injuries to the abdomen of the mother, possibly during fights with the other goats during pregnancy.

Rumors about the animal attracting more and more people so the owner Miśra should think about having a channel dedicated bipedal goat.


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