Paralyzed after a dangerous tackle: a rugby player wins her case in court

Paralyzed after a dangerous tackle: a rugby player wins her case before the courts


A rugby player, paralyzed in the lower body after a dangerous tackle in an amateur league match, won her case against the woman who seriously injured her.  

Dani Czernuszka suffered a broken spine in October 2017 which confined her to a wheelchair. The latter has initiated legal proceedings against Natasha King, the player responsible for her injury.

The judge responsible for the case concluded that Ms King was responsible for the unintentional injuries they caused. He claimed Ms King lunged at Dani Czernuszka as the latter was bent over to collect the ball.

“She pushed the plaintiff backwards and then threw her to the ground using all her weight in a maneuver intended to crush her, which was extremely dangerous,” said the judge.

The magistrate also pointed to the “aggressive and intimidating” conduct of Natasha King and her team. The woman grew “increasingly frustrated” during the game. She would have sought a “way to take revenge” on the plaintiff, according to the judge.

“Even though this match was important, the league in which it took place was mainly aimed at developing the talent of the players who were learning the ins and outs of the game. The players should have kept in mind that the main goal of the match was not to win, but fun and learning,” the judge said.

After the judgment, Ms. Czernuszka said she was “grateful for the court’s findings.” 

“Sport has always given me a lot of pleasure in life. I don't blame rugby for what happened that day. It's the behavior of the opposing team, coaches and referees let me down, in the end,” she said.

Today, the athlete plays for the 'great britain national para hockey team.

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Based on information from the Guardian