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Parcoursup: the 10 most requested licenses in 2022

Parcoursup: Top 10 of the most requested licenses in 2022 Are you starting your Terminale year at the start of the school year and are you already starting to think about the school curriculum to follow in 2023? A word of advice, take a look at the ranking of the most requested licenses in 2022 on Parcoursup to find out which sectors are the most blocked or the least in demand.

Thursday, June 2, 2022 was not a day like any other for thousands of high school students, since it was on this date that nearly 940,000 students discovered the first answers to their wishes. on Parcoursup.

Always more students for the same licenses

And like every year since the establishment of this terrible platform, the disillusion has been immense for many registrants with a lot of refusals or placements on the waiting list. A frustrating situation – students must now wait until July 15, the date of the last admission phase, to find out their future – which could nevertheless have been anticipated.

Indeed, as the L'Etudiant website has just revealed, the ranking of the licenses that were the most requested in 2022 by future graduates looks very similar to that of last year with always the same privileged courses. . Let it be said, if the restoration lacks manpower today, we should not however lack lawyers or sports teachers/physical trainers in the years to come.

TOP 10 of the most requested licenses in 2022

10 – Mathematics License with 65,774 wishes made.
Wishes in 2021: 64,885 (+889 requests).

9 – Bachelor's degree in Economic and Social Administration with 66,967 wishes expressed.
Wishes in 2021: 67,617 (-650 requests)

8 – Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences with 68,957 wishes expressed.
Wishes in 2021: 75,787 (-6830 requests)

7 – History License with 76,844 wishes expressed.
Wishes in 2021: 73,002 (+3842 requests)

6 – License Applied Foreign Languages ​​with 84,736 wishes expressed.
Wishes in 2021: 87,688 (-2952 requests)

5 – Degree in Languages, Literature & foreign and regional civilizations with 100,549 wishes made.
Wishes in 2021: 93,072 (+7477 requests)

4 – License Economy and Management with 116,160 wishes expressed.
Wishes in 2021: 111,246 (+4914 requests)

3 – Bachelor's degree in Psychology with 141,597 wishes expressed.
Wishes in 2021: 123,599 (+17,998 requests)

2 – Bachelor's degree STAPS with 161,608 wishes made.
Wishes in 2021: 149,956 (+11,652 requests)

1 – Law Degree with 296 610 wishes made.
Wishes in 2021: 282,731 (+13,879 requests)

What to remember?

Note that the 2022 presidential election has somewhat boosted students' interest in politics since 53,944 requests for the Political Science Degree were made this year compared to 45,339 last year. Conversely, a Bachelor's degree in Health and Social Sciences attracted only 3,759 wishes in 2022 (compared to 4,408 in 2021) , while the Bachelor of Science for Engineers also suffered a big drop with 11,235 wishes formulated in 2022 (compared to 13,354 wishes last year).

Finally, be aware that more confidential licenses such as Language Sciences, Cinema and Audiovisual or History of art and archaeology experienced a certain boom with respectively +5137, +2807 and +3520 requests on one year.

An interesting and useful ranking since, if you enter Terminale next year, you now know which licenses are the most clogged or the most neglected…

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