Paris 2024 Olympic Games: “a popular ticket office”, 200,000 schools will benefit from tickets offered by the State, announces Amélie Oudéa-Castera

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: “a popular ticket office”, 200,000 schools will benefit from tickets offered by the State, announces Amélie Oudéa-Castera

200 000 scolaires bénéficieront de billets offerts par l’État surtout pour les paralympiques. MAXPPP – Bruno Levesque

Amélie Oudéa-Castera, ministre des Sports et des JO, a annoncé à qui seront destinés les 400 000 billets achetés par l’État pour les Jeux.

The Minister of Sports and the Olympic Games, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, detailed on Thursday the recipients of the 400,000 tickets purchased by the State for the Games, three-quarters of which concern the Paralympic Games and half of which will benefit the schools including overseas.

The principle of this "popular ticketing", which represents a budget of 17.6 million & rsquo;euros, was announced in 2022 but the details were not yet known.

Of these 400 000 tickets, around 200 000 will go to schools, students and accompanying adults, from "all departments&quot ;, primary, middle and high schools, said the Minister of Sports during a press conference on Thursday.

Between 70 and 80% to residents of Ile-de-France

For those coming from the provinces, preferential rates have been negotiated with the SNCF. 1 200 students and accompanying people from overseas will be invited.

In total, popular ticketing will benefit "between 70 and 80 %" to residents of Ile-de-France, also including some who will be affected by the security perimeters around the sites (20,000). Seven thousand places are also reserved for Crous students who are forced to leave their accommodation for the Olympics. The Minister of Sports had clarified this subject in the Assembly on Tuesday that a little less than 1 500 students" had requested rehousing at this stage.

With the tickets purchased by the different communities, in particular Paris and the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, a million tickets will be offered in total, mainly for the Paralympic Games which start on August 28 and end September 8.

Two thousand tickets for "the" ceremonies were also purchased, including the openings and closings of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

"A party open to all"

The distribution of the 222,000 free places for the unprecedented opening ceremony on the Seine, which will be distributed by the State, the communities, the Cojo will be announced &quot ;end of April", said the Minister of Sports.

The sports movement will also benefit from 100,000 tickets, including 70,000 tickets for the federations.

17 400 tickets are also reserved for disabled people and their caregivers, said Minister Delegate for the Elderly Fadila Khattabi present at the press conference, praising & ;quot;a party open to all".

10 100 tickets will also go to protected children via the national convention of child protection associations. 24 900 ministry agents will also benefit from free tickets.

Sports federations, not just Olympic and Paralympic, have 250 tickets each.

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