Paris 2024 Olympic Games. After the CFDT's appeal, the manager of Paris airports threatens to strike during the competition

Paris 2024 Olympic Games. After the CFDT's appeal, the manager of Paris airports threatens to strike during the competition

Les menaces de grève se font de plus en plus pesantes à l’approche du début de la compétition. MAXPPP – Vincent Isore

While the Paris Olympic Games begin in less than a month, the threats of strikes are becoming increasingly heavy on the various organizations in the capital.

Several unions of the manager of the airports serving Paris, Groupe ADP, threatened on Wednesday to call a strike from the beginning of July, demanding in particular a bonus in view of the Olympic Games.< /p>

An "ultimatum" to the direction

"For many months, the CGT, CFDT, FO and UNSA union organizations have been asking management for resources to deal with the evolution of traffic air and the organization of the JOP", the Olympic and Paralympic Games, they indicated in a press release.

During the summer period, Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly airports welcome some 350,000 passengers per day in total. Groupe ADP does not expect to see traveler volumes increase during the Games, but has taken measures to guarantee the reception of athletes, with specific routes and temporary infrastructure.

The unions, who speak of'"ultimatum" to their management, are demanding "uniform and fair compensation for all agents working during the Olympic Games" and affirm that "discriminatory measures must be replaced by a fair approach". In addition, these organizations "require a hiring plan adapted to each activity and category of personnel", ensuring that'" nearly 1,000 positions are missing".

They also demand "concrete measures to stop the deterioration of working conditions and guarantee the exercise of leave rights all year round& quot;. Without a response from their management by July 5, the unions "will respond to the request of many employees by filing a strike notice", they warned.

Contacted by AFP on Wednesday afternoon, ADP management was not able to react immediately. The group is 50.6% controlled by the State. CEO Augustin de Romanet is currently acting in his own capacity until after the Games, because the government refused him a third mandate.

ADP employees had already been called to strike on May 19. The movement did not cause major disruptions. Employees from several sectors or public companies have successfully mobilized in recent months to obtain activity bonuses in view of the Olympic Games, notably at the RATP and the SNCF.

CFDT calls for strike

The CFDT on Tuesday called on employees in the security prevention branch, including human surveillance, remote surveillance and airport security, to go on strike on Friday June 28 to protest against their working conditions .

"This day of mobilization will mark the starting point of a series of strikes during the Olympic Games" , indicates the union in its press release, also calling for a strike "on Sundays July 21, July 28, August 4, August 11, August 18, August 25, September 1, September 8, September 15 and September 22, 2024".& nbsp;The leading union in the service sector criticizes employers' organizations for not having "respected their commitments" concerning the salaries of agents.

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