Paris 2024 Olympic Games: American Simone Biles, quadruple Olympic champion, officially qualified for the Games

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: American Simone Biles, quadruple Olympic champion, officially qualified for the Games

Simone Biles va disputer, à seulement 27 ans, ses troisièmes olympiades. XinHua – Zheng Huansong

Gym superstar, American Simone Biles officially qualified on Sunday for the Paris Olympics (July 26 – August 11), where she hopes to shine three years after collapsing in Tokyo.

At 27, the quadruple Olympic champion from Rio in 2016 has found her way back to the Olympic rings by brilliantly winning the American selections on Sunday in Minneapolis in a heated atmosphere.

The most successful gymnast in history (23 world titles, four Olympics) has taken a long road to redemption since the nightmare of the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, where she gave up several events, victim of & ;quot;twisties" (loss of bearings in space), before opening up about his mental health problems.

Biles stayed away from the sport for many months, only resuming competition in August 2023, and now there is doubt about her desire to go that far. ;#39;in Paris. She provided the answer on Sunday, after regaining the world all-around title in the fall in Antwerp and the national all-around title three weeks ago. –

"Not finished" 

"I knew after Tokyo that I wasn't finished", ensured the winner of the selections with 117.225 points. Over the two days (Friday and Sunday), the gymnast with jaw-dropping acrobatics amazed the audience with her floor programs and jumps, notably her "Biles II" (Yurchenko double pike), so difficult that no other gymnast has ever attempted it in competition.

Biles still made a few mistakes like a fall on the balance beam on Sunday at the end of an excellent routine, still earning him a very good score of 13.900, for a much better performance than that of the first day which had made her furious.

She will be accompanied in Paris by Suni Lee, reigning Olympic all-around champion, who has also made a moving comeback, after overcoming two kidney illnesses which almost ended her career. "I've always been surrounded by people who never gave up", said Lee, before bursting into tears during a selection ceremony orchestrated as a real show.

Jordan Chiles, team silver medalist in Tokyo with Biles and Lee, will be there, as will reigning Olympic floor champion Jade Carey and young Hezly Rivera (16 years old). ). "I love these girls and I'm going to take care of them in Paris" promised Biles, now the oldest member of Team USA.< /p>

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