Paris 2024 Olympic Games: calendar, date, location, history… Everything you need to know about diving

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: calendar, date, location, history… Everything you need to know about diving

Le Chinois Yuan Cao sera l’une des têtes d’affiche de la compétition. SVEN SIMON – Sven Simon

Avant les Jeux Olympiques (26 juillet-11 août), découvrez le mode d’emploi de toutes les disciplines. Focus sur le plongeon.

Les origines

Diving was developed in the 19th century by Swedish and German gymnasts who repeated their aerial figures above water. Late in the century, demonstrations by Swedish divers in Britain led to the founding of the first diving organization in 1901.

The Olympic story

Diving made its entry into the Olympic program in 1904 in Saint-Louis (United States), with high flying at 10 m and… a long diving event. The first women's event was integrated in 1912 in Stockholm, and synchronized diving made its debut in Sydney in 2000.

The Trials

8 events (4 men's and 4 women's)

Springboard at 3 m, high flight at 10 m, springboard at 3  synchronized, high flight at 10 m synchronized The diving pool is 25 m long and 5  nbsp;m deep. Divers launch either from a flexible springboard 3 m above the pool, which allows them to bounce, or from a rigid platform located 10 m.

Springboards must be at least 4.8m long and 50cm wide, platforms must be at least 6m long and 3m wide. Divers must submit in advance the movements they will perform and are scored by judges.

They observe the four phases of the jump: the starting position, the impulse, the dive and the entry into the water. Divers seek to enter the water vertically and with as little splash as possible.

For synchronized events, two divers launch in tandem and are evaluated on execution and synchronization.


Divers are graded on six jumps, female divers on five. Everyone must be different.

Individual events are scored between 0 and 10 by seven judges. The two best and two lowest scores are not taken into account. The remaining three are added then multiplied by the difficulty coefficient of the dive.

For synchronized events, six judges note the execution (i.e. three judges per diver), five others the synchronization. We remove the highest and lowest note from the execution and synchronization notes.

The competition

For the individual events, the eighteen best divers qualify for the semi-final, then the twelve best for the final. For synchronized events, it is a direct final.

Each country can only present two divers per individual event and one team in synchronized.

Number of competitors: 136 (68 men and 68 women).


27 July : Springboard final 3 m synchronizedé women

29 July : High-flying finale 10 m synchronizedé men

31 July : High-flying finale 10 m synchronizedé women

2 August : Springboard final 3 m synchronizedé men

6 août : top flight 10 m women (final)

8 août : men's 3 m springboard (final)

9 août : women's 3 m springboard (final)

10 août : Top flight 10 m men (semi-final and final)


Saint-Denis aquatic center (north of Paris), which also hosts artistic swimming and water polo.

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: calendar, date, location, history… Everything you need to know about diving

The Saint-Denis Aquatic Center next to the Stade de France. MAXPPP – Vincent Isore

To be continued

Jandard, the art of the fall

Unwitting star of the inauguration of the Olympic site, Alexis Jandard fell in a spectacular and comical manner during a demonstration at the inauguration of the aquatic center on April 4, under the eyes of President Emmanuel Macron and above all many cameras. The 27-year-old diver transformed his somersault into a media success thanks to a good dose of self-deprecation, and gave an unexpected spotlight to his discipline, little known to the general public.

Tom Daley, fifth

At the forefront of the media scene since his debut in the discipline at the age of 7, Tom Daley is a star in Great Britain and in the world of diving. His schoolboy face burst onto the Olympic scene at the 2008 Beijing Games when he was just 14 years old. Quadruple medalist (including gold in Tokyo), he is participating in his fifth Games, at only 30 years old.

The hegemony of China

China has dominated the medal table in each edition since 1988 and remains on seven titles out of eight possible in Tokyo.

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