Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Chloé Marques, nostalgia when leaving Belem

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Chloé Marques, nostalgia when leaving Belem

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Chloé Marques, nostalgia when leaving Belem

Chloé Marques a veillé sur la flamme olympique durant douze jours. Vincent Curutchet Caisse d’Épargne

La jeune Agathoise, 18 ans, était l’une des éclaireuses choisies par la Caisse d’Épargne pour accompagner la flamme olympique, d’Athènes à Marseille.

Chloé Marques still can't believe it. Selected by the Caisse d’Épargne Languedoc-Roussillon to accompany the Olympic flame aboard the Belem, the Agathoise has undoubtedly lived the best of her young life these last twelve days, between Athens and Marseille. When disembarking at the Old Port, the young woman, 18 years old, logically dreads what happens next.

Seventy-two hours ago, while the old three-masted ship was still sailing along the coast of Cape Corsica, she said she was already invaded by "a lot of nostalgia& ;quot;. "I don't realize we're arriving soon. I don't want to go back to land. My loved ones can't wait for me to come back. I don't want to go back. It happened at such a speed…"
From this long journey, there will remain encounters, friendships and of course images for life. "The most unforgettable is undoubtedly the passage of the Corinth Canal", she assures.

These photos have gone around the world (opposite). We see the French boat splitting the cliffs (52 m at the highest) over 6.3 km, between the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea. On board, even Captain Mathieu Combot felt very small, it seems.

"I also really liked the dolphins that accompanied us along the water…"

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The shift from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m.

When she gives the full account of her adventures, Chloé Marques will also be able to reserve a chapter (or two) on all these nights spent under the stars, on the deck of the ship. For twelve days, the 15 “scouts” mandated to escort the flame were full sailors. With responsibilities and work 24 hours a day.

"My favorite moment was the quarter (Editor's note: fraction of time during which a team is in control ) between 4 a.m. to 8 a.m., when the sun was rising." L’Héraultaise will not have missed anything these first hours of the day and maneuvers until the end of the night.

"I learned a lot from the crew, even when the sea was rough and we had to open the sails. The wheelhouse, the maps, the radio… sailing has always been a pleasure." A no-brainer.

"The sea is the reflection of the sky. There are so many things I love about sailing. I like being on the water, I feel good there", she said before boarding. Today, she just wants to stretch out the time and come back as soon as possible.

"My goal is to become a skipper, to have lots of experiences. As soon as I have obtained my CMP (Deck Mate Certificate) at the Cap d’Agde Nautical Center, I will apply again for the Belem.& ;quot; The appointment is made.

Be careful of the mistral

If she doesn't yet know anything about what awaits her in the years to come, Chloé Marques will still be in the front row, this morning at 11 a.m., when the Belem, 58 m long and 34 m sails deployed at above the sea, will approach the Phocaean city. But this time, she will have to share her happiness with 1,024 local boats who come to parade for the occasion, from the south to the north of the harbor.

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As the Maritime Prefecture has been keen to point out all week, everything will however depend on the weather. At 20 knots of constant wind (36 km/h), the joyful ceremony will undergo an express weight loss cure.

Between 20 and 25 knots, only the review of traditional boats will be maintained (around thirty vessels).

Beyond 25 knots (46 km/h), the organizers may have to cancel the performance. On Tuesday, the forecasts were rather optimistic with a mistral expected this Wednesday, May 8 of around only 16 km/h. Bingo!

Garbage collectors strike

Whatever happens near the finish line, you will then have to let the flame go. This is the hard law of the relay. "Since the ceremony in Athens, she has been part of my life. And even if initially this was not the reason for my involvement in the project, I will now follow it. Even from afar", promises Chloé Marques.
On land, everything is planned to make the party complete (read elsewhere). Despite the garbage collectors' strike, the Marseillais promised to live up to the event and Belem.

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