Paris 2024 Olympic Games: security, ticketing, organization… what to remember from Estanguet's announcements on D-107

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: security, ticketing, organization... what to remember from Estanguet's announcements on D-107

Tony Estanguet s’est dit prêt à entamer la dernière ligne droite “avec confiance, sérénité et humilité.” MAXPPP – TERESA SUAREZ

Just over 100 days before the opening ceremony, the president of the Games Organizing Committee assured that his teams were on schedule and reaffirmed his confidence in a "totally secure& quot;.

"We are both confident and serene and in absolute concentration. We know what these Games represent and we are driven by a great ambition to succeed." A little over a hundred days before the opening of the Paris Olympics, for his grand oral in front of the media, Tony Estanguet, as a good paddler, took the right wave, that of the waves positive, and avoided the turmoil linked to the climate of insecurity or social discontent, this Wednesday, April 10.

"We want great, spectacular Games"

"We want big, spectacular Games and for that we have shown boldness" proclaimed the boss of the organizing committee, recalling that the choices of an opening ceremony in town and on the water, of competitions Place de la Concorde (BMX, breaking, skateboarding ) or surfing in Tahiti "did not appear in the initial project in 2017". Risk, combined with the requirements of the specifications: "first completely equal games and with an unprecedented environmental requirement by reducing the carbon footprint by 50 % ;quot;.

So that "the magic is there" the three-time Olympic canoe-kayak champion once again emphasized "the popular aspect of these Games with the marathon for all and the creation of 2024 clubs in the regions to follow the Games and experience them in the form of entertainment."

250,000 tickets on sale Wednesday April 17

250,000 new tickets for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be released. the sale on April 17   10 hours, 100 days before the opening ceremony, announced Wednesday the chairman of the Committee organization Tony Estanguet.

Half of these tickets will be sold à less than 100 euros. Among the tickets on sale, 35,000 tickets will be for beach volleyball, 15,000 for swimming, 12,000 for table tennis, 12,000 for tennis. , 10,000 in artistic gymnastics and 9,000 in equestrian sports. Around 7.9 million Olympic tickets have already been sold. été sold, with 63% French buyers, and 900,000 for the Paralympic Games.

"Confidence, serenity and humility", therefore against the background of "passage times respected", even if the bursts of questions concerned the terrorist risk, which returned to the forefront this week with the threats made by Daesh against the League football champions.

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"Anticipated terrorist risk with an unprecedented device"

"We decided to be candidates in June 2015, in the context of terrorist attacks in France (l’ attack on Charly Hebdo in January and those of Saint-Denis and the Bataclan in November, Editor's note) ", replied Tony Estanguet. "We anticipated this risk with unprecedented measures and we have complete trust in the police because without security, the rest is useless."

He assured that 97% of private security needs were now covered at a cost of 350 million euros.

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On the social aspect, while the CGT filed strike notices this Wednesday in the three branches of the civil service, the Béarnais recalled that a social charter had been signed between the employees and the organizing committee of the games and called for "the best possible social dialogue."< /p>

Lighting of the flame on April 16 in Olympia

He did not confirm the choice of the Tuileries, mentioned for the location of the Olympic cauldron but announced that 1 250 jobs were still to be filled out of the 4  500 required during the Games (applications on the site

On the sidelines of these D-100 celebrated on April 17, Paris 2024 will experience another strong moment, Tuesday April 16, with the lighting of the Olympic flame in the sanctuary of Olympia, which will mark the start of the long relay towards Paris. "We have the feeling that the adventure is taking a concrete turn, Tony Estanguet was moved. When Belem brings the flame into the Port of Marseille, on May 8, it will be the start of the final countdown. "

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