Paris 2024 Olympic Games: “Tony Estanguet is not happy when I talk about that”, why the French Golf Federation is unhappy ?

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: “Tony Estanguet is not happy when I talk about that”, why the French Golf Federation is unhappy ?

En 2018, le Golf National avait accueilli la Ryder Cup. EFE – LUIS TEJIDO

Spectator count too low, lack of parking to accommodate them… The president of the French golf federation (FFG) Pascal Grizot expressed his "frustration" regarding the organization of tournaments for the Paris Olympics.

The Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines National Golf Course, around thirty kilometers from Paris, hosted the Ryder Cup in 2018, welcoming nearly 60,000 spectators per day. They will be half as many for the men's (August 1 to 4) and women's (August 7 to 10) Olympic tournaments, a gauge of around 30,000 set by the organizing committee (Cojo) according to the FFG.

Pascal Grizot expressed his "frustration" by evoking the Stade de France which &amp ;quot;can accommodate 90,000 spectators" : "Would we accept for the Cup d& #39;Europe or a football World Cup to only have 30,000 spectators ?"

"Tony Estanguet (the boss of the Paris games, editor's note) n' is not happy when I talk about that, telling myself that it's not just golf. So, it didn't escape anyone: in the Olympics, there is not just one event. But I regret that golf was not treated with the ambition that we could have had", added the president of the FFG.

Towards spectator routing problems ?

Another subject that annoys Pascal Grizot, the lack of parking for spectators and volunteers: "During the Ryder Cup, obviously, we had parkings. There will be no parking there. No one has missed the fact that Massy station is five kilometers away and Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines station is three kilometers away."

"Me, I don't know how our volunteers (…) will be able to come in the morning", he asked himself. The Olympic Organizing Committee must set up shuttles from the stations "but we don'know more", he said.

"I'm afraid that the spectators who bought tickets will not come", worried the French leader. "Coming to the national golf course without using the car, it's just not possible!" < /p>

"Paris 2024 told me, "Luckily we only put 20 on sale 000 tickets because there are still some left to sell on the platform. But obviously there are still tickets to sell on the platform! Some will not want to come", assured Pascal Grizot.

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