Paris 2024 Olympics: main unions call for strike at Paris airports on July 17

Paris 2024 Olympics: main unions call for strike at Paris airports on July 17

Olympic Rings unveiled at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport EPA – YOAN VALAT

Several unions of the manager of the airports serving Paris, Groupe ADP, called on Monday to go on strike on July 17, around ten days before the opening of the Olympic Games, demanding compensation for this busy period. "for all staff".

The CGT, CFDT, FO and UNSA unions denounce a "deterioration of working conditions", demanding in particular a "bonus for all staff", a plan of employment for all staff. hiring "massive" of 1,000 positions and the guarantee of being able to work days during the Olympic and Paralympic Games (JOP).

350 000 passengers are expected each day

But the group's CEO, Augustin de Romanet, made the “unilateral" to "pay a bonus only to part of the staff", they regretted in a joint press release. "All the unions have unanimously denounced these methods of division and the management's choices", they indicate, "It is clear that the CEO has brushed aside our demands." A refusal that the unions consider "dogmatic", when "the company has the resources to respond to the legitimate demands of employees and their representatives", citing in particular &quot ;comfortable shareholder dividends.

During the summer period, Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle and Orly airports welcome some 350,000 passengers per day in total. Groupe ADP does not expect to see traveler volumes increase during the Games, but has taken measures to guarantee the reception of athletes, with specific routes and temporary infrastructure.

Trade unions are demanding additional resources

The union organizations have been demanding "for months" to the management "means to deal with the evolution of air traffic and the organization of the JOP", they already recalled in a press release mid-June.

Gathered on Friday in a general assembly, nearly 300 employees "supported the unanimous decision of the unions to interrupt their participation in all forms of meetings with management".< /p>

The General Assemblies have “gave a mandate to launch a strike action on July 17 to obtain satisfaction", the unions said on Monday.

"If we are reduced to calling for a strike, it is because of the stubborn refusal of management and in particular the CEO of ADP, underestimating the ;rsquo;ultimatum launched by the united unions and the determination of the staff, affirmed the CGT, the CFDT, FO and the UNSA.

ADP employees had already been called to strike on May 19. The movement did not cause any major disruptions.

Employees from several sectors or public companies have successfully mobilized in recent months to obtain activity bonuses in view of the Olympic Games, notably at the RATP and the SNCF.

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