Paris Olympics 2024. The French government authorizes the creation of a platform for flying taxis, the Paris town hall files an appeal

Paris Olympics 2024. The French government authorizes the creation of a platform for flying taxis, the Paris town hall files an appeal

Les taxis volants ont été autorisés par le gouvernement. MAXPPP – jila Varoquier

Le gouvernement a donné son feu vert pour la création d’une plateforme pour les taxis volants à Paris à l’occasion des Jeux Olympiques, selon un arrêté publié ce mardi 9 juillet dans le Journal officiel.

The government has authorized the creation of a floating platform allowing the takeoff and landing of electric flying taxis in Paris during the Olympic Games, according to a decree published Tuesday in the Official Journal.

The platform located on the Seine at Austerlitz, reserved for these machines, “can be operated until December 31 2024 at the latest" by the Aéroports de Paris (ADP) group, specifies the government decree, the green light for which had been awaited for several months in this controversial matter.

An "ecological aberration"

A claimed showcase of carbon-free aviation, this experiment is widely criticized by many municipal elected officials in Paris, from the majority or the opposition, who denounce an "absurd project& ;quot; and an "ecological aberration". The Paris town hall will study the possibility of legal action against the order, the entourage of the mayor, Anne Hidalgo, announced on Tuesday.

"Taking into account its experimental nature", the order limits the operating hours of this heliport "between 8 hours and 5 hours" and the numbers of flights"at two movements per hour and 900 flights over the entire experiment" until the end of the year. ADP joined forces in this project with the Paris region and the German company Volocopter, which manufactures the "Vocity", a two-seat aircraft (including the pilot), equipped with batteries powering 18 rotors arranged in a ring above the cockpit.

The aim is to take advantage of the Olympic showcase to demonstrate the feasibility of this new mode of transport, supposed to connect different take-off and landing sites, &amp ;quot;vertiports". Four of these "vertiports" were already in operation, at Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle and Le Bourget airports, at Issy-les-Moulineaux to the southwest of Paris and at the Saint-Cyr aerodrome -the School near Versailles.

"Against the Council of Paris"

All that was missing was the authorization for this fifth site, a barge which has already taken up residence in Austerlitz, in the east of the capital. &amp ;quot;This government no longer has any democratic legitimacy and it continues to go against the Council of Paris", which had opposed to this project "anti-ecological" and "very expensive", judged on France Bleu Paris the mobility assistant, David Belliard.

In September, the Environmental Authority judged the impact study "incomplete" in terms of assessing noise pollution, energy consumption or greenhouse gas emissions. The promoters of these flying taxis insist on the possibility of using them later, thanks to larger versions, for emergency medical transport, whether for patients or transplants.

In the absence of certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency before the Olympics, now expected at best in the fall, the project leaders will have to make do with flights of free demonstration during the Games (July 26-August 11).

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