“Paris Paris”: defending French with humor

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For his first real first role on TV, Benoît Mauffette (Les invisibles, Funny Véronic, Les Simones) said he was “extremely proud to defend” his character, Philippe, a French-language teacher in an English-speaking Ontario school who has just been thanked by the principal.

On the backdrop of comedy , the series Paris Paris, written by the couple formed by Dominic Desjardins, who directs, and Rayne Zukerman, who is the producer, explores with depth and lightness the disturbances of quarantine, the commitment within a couple and a family and the place of French in a minority Francophone community.

“I think it's great that we have a series about Franco-Ontarians. […] It makes me extremely proud to defend this character, “expressed Benoît Mauffette in an interview with the QMI Agency.

” It was crazy to see how much [the Franco -Ontarians] fought and still fight for their culture. It opened my eyes and it also made me realize that they are not just Francophones outside Quebec, they are Franco-Ontarians. They have an identity of their own and they are proud of it, ”he said.

“They are fighting the same fight as us, but with a lot less weapons, with a lot less ability and the weight of numbers is not on their side. They are the diehard Gauls in North America. Quebec is too, but we have been able to defend our culture and acquire strengths, although we should not take them for granted ”, then continued the actor.

series in the looks of Woody Allen

The discovery of a passage in his basement allowing Philippe to travel between the two Parises (the City of Light and the city in Ontario) will confront him with his own duality and what he will have to fill in order to feel fulfilled. In addition, his character will likely have to go through a midlife crisis accompanied by depression and marital breakdown.

“There is a little Woody Allen side in repartee and in the second degree. lines, but also the little magical realism side ”, argued the actor.

In Paris Paris, Benoît Mauffette shares the screen in particular with Maxim Roy (Jenny), spouse of Philippe, Balzac Zukerman-Desjardins (Tom), their son, and Jeanne Guittet (Marianne), a French artist with whom his character will maintain a love affair.

The shooting of Paris Paris took place mainly in Hamilton, Ontario, while outdoor scenes were filmed in the Paris of Ontario as well as in the Paris of France. Yves Jacques, Louison Danis and Rossif Sutherland are also part of the cast.

“The sanitary rules were different in Ontario. We had the right to more connections, without having the kinds of oral prostheses as in Quebec. But in return, we were tested twice a week and on our own we chose to live in isolation as much as possible, ”he explained.

This 13-episode series, produced by Zazie Films inc., will be broadcast on January 4 at 7:30 p.m. on TV5 Unis.

This winter, Benoît Mauffette will also be part of the cast of the play Winter Solstice, written by Roland Schimmelpfennig and translated by Camille Luscher and Claire Stavaux, which will be presented at the Théâtre Prospero.

Directed by Joël Beddows and starring Catherine De Léan, Marcelo Arroyo, Gregory Hlady and Louise Naubert, it should take the bill on January 11, 2022.

In addition, if the management pandemic permits, Benoît Mauffette will take over the performances of Mathieu Quesnel's play I am mixed, starring Yves Jacques and Navet Confit.

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