Parliament voted changes to the law on the anti-corruption court

Рада проголосовала правки в закон об Антикоррупционном суде

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on the judicial system and status of judges of the Supreme court anti-corruption, as well as amendments thereto, which insisted that the international monetary Fund.

The process of decision-making in the hall of Parliament, watched Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. He said that the adoption of the amendment “completes the formation of the anti-corruption court in Ukraine” reports

The adopted amendment will not allow corrupt officials to escape from the jurisdiction of the new court. The changes insisted that the international monetary Fund (IMF).

It is noted that previously approved by the Parliament law on Higher anti-corruption court said that the appeals that are now under consideration, occurs in courts of General jurisdiction to circumvent anti-corruption. Meanwhile, international partners insisted that the appeal in these cases was considered in the appeals chamber of the anti-corruption court.

Immediate adoption of this amendment required the managing Director of the IMF Christine Lagarde. In turn, the international organization Transparency International has also called to adjust the law to prevent the Amnesty of top corrupt officials, whose cases are already in courts.

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