Partial reopening of St-Hubert de Magog

Closed for a week due to the collapse of the ceiling in the dining room, the St-Hubert restaurant in Magog will resume its activities on Thursday at 11 am
“Driving, counter selling and home delivery will start again tomorrow at St-Hubert in Magog,” Josée Vaillancourt, spokesperson for the well-known restaurant chain, told La Tribune.

The restart of these three services at this point is possible because the rotisserie kitchens, the take-out counter and the auto service window are located in separate areas of the main dining room. , where the unfortunate incident occurred.

Remember that on May 2 around 4 pm, a large portion of the ceiling of the restaurant’s main dining room suddenly broke off and fell heavily on the furniture below.

“Of course we are happy. We are people who love action. ”
– Caroline Proulx

“We still have analyzes to make in terms of furniture to change, reveals Josée Vaillancourt. With regard to the work to be done, the goal is to do them as quickly as possible. But for the moment, we do not expect to be able to reopen it until the end of next June. ”

In addition, Vaillancourt suggests that a “construction fault” could be the cause of the collapse of the ceiling. “It’s not a maintenance problem based on the checks that have been done. ”

Not surprisingly, the co-owners of St-Hubert in Magog, Caroline Proulx and Jean Beauchesne, welcomed the news of the partial reopening Thursday with relief. “Of course we are happy. We are people who love action and, in addition, it will be Mother’s Day Sunday, “notes the restorer.

Between 15 and 20 restaurant staff are likely to be recalled to work due to the partial restart of operations. “Our employees are really happy,” says Proulx.

The co-owner of the rotisserie admits, however, that some employees have announced their departure because of the current situation. She obviously hopes to limit resignations, especially as the busiest period of the year approaches for her restaurant.

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