Participant of “Top model in Ukrainian” had an affair with a Greek

Участница «Топ-модели по-украински» закрутила роман с греком

During the filming of the episode of the reality model Kate Polchenko twisted holiday romance

Film week in Greece was remembered by all four members of the “Top models in Ukrainian.” But the most vivid memories were brought to Kyiv 18-year-old Katya, Polchenko. During the first photo shoot she became acquainted with Greek actron named Thassos. And away we go…

“The survey we posed together with actra – said the New channel Julia Breath. – He played the role of Odysseus, and we are all creatures that prevented him to live. On backstage with this Thassos chatted to Kate. Giggled, flirted, shot eyes in screwing. I do not understand what it is: a working relationship or the birth of a new love.”

The working relationship quickly turned into hours. After the shooting, the actor withdrew, Polchenko aside and asked her for a date.

“At first I thought Thasos communicates with me more than any one else, just because I’m alone somehow speak English – says Kate, Polchenko. But when he called me to go to the beach and drink wine, I realized that it’s not so easy… did Not know what to do with his invitation. On the one hand, honestly, I didn’t want to go. Strange country, strange man… Suddenly I was in slavery be taken? But on the other hand, we have constant shooting, and the trip out was my real chance to relax and to fulfill the dream is to go to the sea. And in the end I agreed… But kissing him was not going! I’m a decent woman, to me is not so easy to tackle!”

Участница «Топ-модели по-украински» закрутила роман с греком

Участница «Топ-модели по-украински» закрутила роман с греком

Участница «Топ-модели по-украински» закрутила роман с греком

Was – mistimed. Kate quickly ceased to suspect in Limenas maniac. The guys went to the beach together, bathed and hugged. And without kissing too, was not…

“Actually got a huge buzz from Dating – says Kate. We splashed, swam, Thassos threw me in the water… I was happy!”

However, this date eventually backfired Kate Polchenko unpleasant consequences. But what, fans will learn tonight.

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