Participants of the project “Brats” took the debut video

Участницы проекта «Пацанки» сняли дебютный видеоклип

Galya, Poludniowej, Julia and Irina Chaika Slunicko are one step closer to his dream – pecanac came first music video

As it became known Scotch’s debut song “Princess” for a trio of characters written by the famous Ukrainian producer and sound producer Vladimir Bebeshko. But to continue our cooperation with them did not. But that did not stop stubborn patankar. They found and signed a contract with another producer, called his group “the Fume”, a popular Ukrainian clipmaker Elena Vinarskaia agreed even free removed depended on the song clip.

“I agreed to do this clip, because my son always votes for you, Gal – admitted music video. – Seagull personally, I love-love. And you, Irina, looking around. You, too, boy”.

Участницы проекта «Пацанки» сняли дебютный видеоклип

Участницы проекта «Пацанки» сняли дебютный видеоклип

Участницы проекта «Пацанки» сняли дебютный видеоклип

After such compliments from Trinity appeared an additional incentive.

“I thought that everything must be done beautifully, professionally and “Shurik,” – says the participant of the project of the New channel Gal. – We were better Polyakova”.

For filming this clip Tomboy was replaced by three images. The first was in the Baroque style – lush dress, white high powdered wigs and pale faces. The second anti-glamour of grunge. Girls wearing swimwear, coats and socks under a pair of heels. For the third, final image chose the style of the 80s with his sports suits, leggings and jackets jackets.

“Everything was conceived so that we redneck appearance and a sweet girl on the inside, – says the heroine of this series is a New channel Gal. I was in the clip for foreman, Ira – Alky-aristocrat, but Seagull, like we just met. In short, all went well. Elena was pleased with us. Said that we have done, and to work with us she was in a rush.”

What comes out of it – watch now!

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