Participation of his daughter Livia in “Get me out of here!” : “it's pride times 1000” – Maxim Martin

Daughter Livia's participation in “Get Me Out Of Here!”: “ités pride times 1000” - Maxim Martin


Maxim Martin is a very proud dad to see his daughter Livia take part in the popular adventure show, Get Me Out of Here! . “I'm not sure that if offered to me, I would be able to do what she did,” says the comedian.

Very close to his daughter, Maxim Martin only knew a few days before his departure for Costa Rica, in July 2022, that she was leaving to shoot this show.

“She told me she had a big project she couldn't talk about. I hadn't insisted too much. It was one evening when I was performing with Alexandre Barrette [who is one of the two hosts of the show] that I started talking to him about this new project. I congratulated him and he told me: your daughter is going to be great. I replied: ah, that's what she's going to do! Alex thought I knew.

It was only “24 or 48 hours” before leaving for Costa Rica that Livia called her father to tell him about the show. “I didn't want to question her before that. I wanted her to stay in her bubble, says Maxim. I know she took it seriously. She went back to the gym, did some hypnosis, and met with her therapist to see if she could handle bugs.

So far, Maxim Martin has only been able to watch the first episode of Get Me Out Of Here. He is waiting for his daughter to come back from vacation to watch the other episodes with her.

“But it's pride times 1000”, he says. 

This amateur of Iron Man competitions is hesitant to apply for the second season which has just been announced. “I'm going to invite Alexandre Barrette to my podcast and I'm wondering if I'll give my name to do so. My daughter did it, it's not true that I would have a hard time mentally enduring it! »