Party on the plane: “We probably have several child kings in there”

Party on the plane: & ldquo; We probably have several children kings there; -in & raquo;

MISE & Agrave; DAY

For psychologist Paul Langevin, the revelers who party on the Sunwing plane are “immature” people.

“We must not forget that maturity in the brain ends up developing at the age of 30”, he explains. & nbsp;

“We probably has several child kings in there who have never been told no and who don't like to be said no, ”he continues. & nbsp;

According to him, the behaviors of several of these revelers on their return to Quebec, namely violence towards journalists, fingers of honor, also reflect this attitude. & nbsp;

“These are young people who have never been confronted with the rules of parents . They want to be right, so they're going to do whatever it takes to be right and get what they want. It's very egocentric and focused on their needs, “argues the psychologist. & Nbsp;

He believes that many of these revelers are in denial of their behavior and the events that took place. & Nbsp;

“They don't understand the magnitude of the wave right now,” he believes. & nbsp;

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