Pascal soetens ed “ruined” ? His response cash on Instagram !

Pascal Soetens "ruiné" ? Sa réponse cash sur Instagram !

Pascal soetens ed pushes a rant in the face of rumours

No, Pascal soetens ed has no money problem ! The former star of Pascal The Big Brother has put the dots on the i in a video posted on Instagram : it responds to some media that say, in financial difficulty and ensures not to be ruined. A few months ago, he had mentioned his salary in a show.

In September, Pascal soetens ed had amazed the viewers. Guest from The moment of luxury on Non Stop People, the one that is made known through the issuance Pascal The Big Brother was confiding on his salary. “Today, as I am intermittent live-performance worker, my contract is finished, one must do a number of hours to touch the level of unemployment. I no longer have this number of hours is sufficient. Today, I’m at 441 euros per month. I’m doing” he assured. Since then, his comments were distorted by some media and programming.

“I’m not ruined”

In the Face of several publications, Pascal soetens ed has decided to make things clear once and for all. It is via a video posted on his account Instagram that the animator and actor have pushed a rant. He explains, have, in recent days, been compared to Ophélie Winter, person it provides appreciate. “Already, I am compared to anyone,” he said. Speaking directly to these critics, it is loose infront of the camera : “based on your information, obviously you’re my banker, I would be in financial difficulty. Would explain to me how… That I would be ruined. Would explain to me how...”.

Angry, Pascal soetens ed ensures that everything goes very well for him financially speaking. “I’m not ruined, everything is going well. I work, I come also to rotate in a film. So please, stop telling the m*rde. (…) This is the intox” assured the star. The message is passed…

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