Passed by a “COVID party”, he dies of coronavirus

Passé par un «COVID party», il meurt du coronavirus

An American thirty-year-old has died in Texas of complications of the coronavirus after having been infected by the COVID-19 during a “COVID party”, an evening organized by an infected person, according to the medical director of a local hospital.

“The idea (of the evening) is to get together and see if this virus is real and if someone catches it”, explained, in a video intended to warn young adults about the risk of transmission of the coronavirus, Jane Appleby, of the Methodist Hospital of San Antonio.

A thirty-year-old, who was in the evening has been contaminated, before we see his health deteriorate until his hospitalization at the Methodist Hospital, and his death this week, according to the medical director.

Before dying, the patient said to the nurse at his bedside: “I think I made a mistake. I thought this virus was a scam, but not,” said Jane Appleby.

“None of us is invincible,” said the doctor, indicating that several patients between the ages of twenty or thirty years, were currently hospitalized in his establishment for complications related to the COVID-19.

In Alabama, authorities in Tuscaloosa have been alerted in early July, on the holding of “COVID parties”, parties in the presence of one or several infected persons.

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