Passions of Hollywood: stars who broke up this summer

Ivana trump, Monica Bellucci and Naomi Campbell said about the separation with loved ones

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This summer is for many celebrities period partings. Many of them even after 15 years of marriage decided to sever ties with loved ones.

Ivana Trump

Do not stay aside and the ex-wife of the American President Donald trump Ivana, which is the second time he divorced her fourth husband. 70-year-old Ivan knows all about the relationship, because for the life she had many love Affairs with worthy men.

With Donald trump she met in 1974 in trendy new York, in which she came with her friends.

Страсти Голливуда: кто из звезд расстался этим летом

Ivana and Donald trump

“We were approached by tall, blond with blue eyes and said, “I’m Donald trump. I see what you’re looking for a table, I can help you.” I told her friends: “Good news, we are now jailed at the table, the bad news is this guy will sit with us,” recalls the ex-wife of the President of America.

The following year they were married and had been married 15 years and divorced because of infidelity Donald. Strong blonde then managed to seize 14 million dollars. It healed a bright new life, and even starred in the movie. Four years later, Ivan celebrated his third wedding with businessman Ricardo Mazzuchelli, but together they were long.

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“I’d rather be a babysitter than a nurse. By the way, my husband don’t have to be a millionaire,” said the businesswoman.

Then fate brought her youngest with her for 25 years Italian actor Rossano Rubicondi. In 2008 the couple got married, spent $ 3 million on the wedding. But a year later they divorced, and then resumed their relationship and were together for 15 years. However, at the beginning of this summer, exactly a relationship in the past.

Страсти Голливуда: кто из звезд расстался этим летом

Ivana Trump

“I am again a free woman and not want to get married. I’ve had enough. I have the opportunity to do what I want with whoever I want. I have a unique summer,” said the woman.

Monica Bellucci

The famous actress also recently broke up with her young boyfriend. After breaking up with Vincent Cassel in 2013, Monica Bellucci did not advertise personal life. Therefore, the output of the actress in March this year with the younger her for 18 years by the artist, Nicolas Lefevre has produced the effect of bombs that exploded.

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“Nicolas perfectly understands me and shares my way of life, because he also travels a lot. I am very happy in this relationship,” admitted the star.

Страсти Голливуда: кто из звезд расстался этим летом

Monica Bellucci and Nicolas Lefebvre

Fans rejoiced over the beauty, but not for long the music played. Recently, the actress confirmed that he and Nicholas aren’t together anymore.

“We were very good together. We are a good fit for each other. But from this moment our relationship will go the other way. Nicholas, of course, love each other, but as friends,” made a surprise announcement Monica.

But fear that the star will remain single, she does not.

Naomi Campbell

Recently, the supermodel surprised myself – spun passionate affair with a 25-year-old musician Liam Payne. 24 year age difference Liam and Naomi didn’t stop. Only here the model was in no hurry to confess to the affair with the guy. Say that Liam’s her quickly tired, because Naomi used to older suitors.

Страсти Голливуда: кто из звезд расстался этим летом

Naomi Campbell

“I never comment on his personal life. It’s just insane to discuss today one, tomorrow – another. Who’s next? I have the most interesting. I’m just living my life and all,” said the model.

But the musician decided to break relations not to comment.

Recall that recently became aware of the divorce one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper. The couple broke up quietly, and now the ex-beloved share custody of daughter Leah de Sien.

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